Conflict between Groups within an Organization

Today we are going to discuss on two another types of organization conflict and which are the conflict between groups within an organization and conflict between organizations.


Conflict between Groups within an Organization

Inter group conflicts are one of the most important types of conflict to understand, as typically, an organization is structured in the form of several interdependent task-groups. Some of the usually chronic conflicts in most of the organizations are found at this level, e.g., Union vs. Management, one Union vs. Another Union; one functional area like production vs. another functional area like maintenance; direct recruits vs. promotees, etc. The newly emerging field of Organizational Politics has started systematically investigating such types of conflict and in a later section on the effects of conflict we shall give examples of what happens to groups when their conflicts are not solved. Conflicts between two unites like manufacturing of roller shades and woven wood shades and blinds selling department, communication gape might be the cause of conflicts between two groups within organization.


Conflict between Organizations

Conflict between organizations is considered desirable if limited to the economic context only. The laisses-faire economy is based on this concept. It is assumed that conflict between organizations leads to innovative and new products, technological advancement, and better services at lower prices. However, in this Unit we shall refrain from probing into this macro-level conflict. When a paperless officer is there and they are doing term life insurance business, conflict is desirable but it should not convert into individual fights or ego conflicts.


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