Conflictive and Conflict-management Behavior

Manifest behavior is the action resulting from perceived and/or felt conflict. At this stage, a conscious attempt is made by one party to block the goal achievement of the other party. Such behavior may range from subtle, indirect and highly controlled forms of interference to more open forms of aggressive behavior like strikes, riots and war.


Most conflict-handling behaviors are displayed in several forms like resignation and withdrawal, appeasement and compromise, confrontation and collaboration, etc. These behaviors are often referred to as conflict management styles and stem from the strategies of conflict stimulation or conflict resolution. In a later section, we shall discuss in greater detail some of these modes of conflict management. I was talking with owner of Motels in California, he says that conflicts require special attention and need to be taken care smartly. It is not easy to just suppress it with force or money.



The interplay between different forms of overt conflict behavior and conflict handling strategies of stimulation or resolution influence the consequences. These consequences (in terms of performance of the group, the level of satisfaction and quality of relationship in the involved parties, change of structure and policies etc.) in turn influence the antecedent conditions and probability of future conflict. Customer relationship management software helps company to take care of before and after sales activities happen with the customer.  Sometimes the aftermath sows the seeds of yet another conflict episode in which case the entire process is repeated.


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